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Yoga to the Rescue yoga deck 2-Pack

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Share yoga with a friend!  Pack of 2 "Yoga to the Rescue" yoga decks.

After discovering the magical benefits of yoga myself, I decided to create Yoga to the Rescue for chicks who are intimidated by the yoga elite.  Yoga should be enjoyed by everybody, no matter what shape or size you are in!  It doesn't matter if you are 8 or 80, flexible or stiff as a board, clumsy or graceful, yoga will work its magic on you. 

Why does yoga rock?:  Yoga reduces stress, boosts energy, kick-starts the immune system, eliminates toxins, tones every muscle, increases confidence and clarity, and reduces pain (both physical and mental). 
Yoga to the Rescue Details:
Size: 5x5 in. square.  Great for travel!
64-card set. 7 useful categories: Sexy, Calm, Energy, Restore, Sanity, Cleanse, PMS.
48 classic yoga poses (with excellent instructions, focus points, benefits and an easier pose).
Yoga sequences included in each category.
Super-thick cardstock.
Printed on FSC Certified recycled paper.
Fastened with a removable book ring.  Packaged in an organza bag.*
*My amazing mom helps me assemble every single yoga deck I sell.  I've sold almost 20,000 to date, so that's a lot of assembling love!
My user-friendly cards bring so much levity to a typically somber subject, that it might just turn yogaphobics into yoginis and entice the sedentary into Virasana!
"I love this charming little book! " --The Daily Mail / Book of the Week 

"It's is like working out with a girlfriend." --Liz Phair 

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